End Of Another Year

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Well, it’s here. Can you believe it? Time seems to fly by faster every year.

I thought I would let you know (so you are not surprised) what you need to do for your bookeeper at the end of the year.

The first thing you want to do is BREATHE. OK now that’s done, if you’ve been helpful to your bookkeper and given her/him your statements and receipts, then a couple of questions from them and you are done! Don’t you feel better?

Unfortunately, most of us are more concerned with just getting through the week and don’t have the time to do send everything to the bookeeper. For those of us, here is what you do:

1) Make sure they have all statements from all accounts

2) Make sure they have all receipts. This one seems to be the hardest to accomplish but if you just put them in a box, I promise your bookeeper won’t mind. Trust me on that one!

When they have what they need, it makes things so much easier and your job will be done.

Something to think about if you don’t already do this.. Let the bookeeper have access to your accounts. This way they can keep up with that part themselves and gives you one less thing to think about.

So to sum up: Breathe, then call your bookeeper. You’ll be glad you did

Here is wishing everyone a Very Prosperous New Year.


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